Privacy policy

Description of handling of personal information, Finnish Personal Data Act (523 / 1999).

Last updated on 21 May 2016.

1. Controller & contact person

Finnish Curling Association
Markus Sipilä
+358 40 715 2615

2. Name of the register

  • Nordic Junior Curling Tour player and user database & result service database.

3. The purpose for processing the personal data

  • Purpose for User Database: This website requires authentication for certain functionality such as registering a team to a Nordic Junior Curling Tour event. 
  • Purpose for Player Database & Result Service Database: This website provides result service for Nordic Junior Curling Tour events.

4. Content of the register

  • User Database: Username, password, login timestamps, profile picture (optional).
  • Player Database: Name, nationality, birthdate, curling club (optional), photos (optional).
  • Result Service: Results of tournaments. 

5. Regular sources for information

  • User Database: The information is provided by the user him/herself. If the user is using Facebook login, username and profile picture are provided by Facebook.
  • Player Database: The information is provided by the user him/herself or by his / her team mate.
  • Result Service: Tournament organizers.

6. Regular destinations of disclosed data and whether the data is transferred to countries outside the the European Union or the European Economic Area

  • User Database: Username and profile picture are publicly visible on this website.
  • Player Database: Information is publicly visible on this website except birthdate, which is not publicly visible. Birthdate is visible only for the Nordic Junior Curling Tour management and the local organizers of the Nordic Junior Curling Tour events where the player is participating.
  • Result Service: Result service are publicly visible on this website.
  • This webiste uses third party cookies for a) analytics on the usage of this webiste and b) for Facebook Social Plugins.

7. Principles how the register is secured

  • This website is maintained according to the good maintenance practice.
  • Connection between the web client and web server is encrypted using SSL.