NJCT Lillehammer Youth Curling Camp

Sunday, September 2, 2018
James Dryburgh

Here is the officical video from the inagural NJCT Lillehammer Youth Curling Camp. The camp was a great success with 50 juniors from 4 countries participating.

James Dryburgh and Petter Jevnehagen Moe we the co-organisers together with Erik Ulateig from the Lillehammer Olympic Legacy Sports Center.

A massve thanks to Paddy Kaeser (Switzerland), Ingvild Skaga (Norway) and Alison Kreviazuk (Canada/Sweden) for their time, effort and enthusiasm during the camp. Thanks as well to Kaitlyn Lawes who had an inspiring Skype Q&A session with the campers - it was highly appreciated! 

Thanks also to Sebastian "CurlingSeb" Varmdal for this cracking video which captured the spirit of the camp.

Next year we are looking to expand the camp to include more couontries! If you are interested, send an email to nordicjuniorcurling [at] gmail.com