NJCT Copenhagen Junior Open 2019-2020

Tournament info
DatesFri 29 Nov 2019 - Sun 01 Dec 2019
PlaceHvidovre, Denmark
Entry fee1800 DKK
Organizer emaillars [at] curling.dk
Organizer telephone+4540407730
Additional information

Welcome to the Hvidovre Curling Club and NJCT Copenhagen, this is third tournament of the Nordic Junior Curling Tour 2019-2020, and we are looking forward to welcome you here.

Number of teams:

Maximum 12 junior men + 12 junior women teams will be accepted.
Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden all have a quota of 2 teams per gender, which will be filled in the registration order.
In addition to this, 2 spots per gender are reserved to the teams of the organizing club.
The remaining spots are filled in the order of registration.
Playing format:

To make the schedule as predictable as possible, and to give the teams at least three games, we will be playing in pools, and then playoffs. How many teams in each pool will depend on numbers of entry.
Social evening:

As usual with NJCT: On Saturday there will be a social evening, with food for all athletes and coaches. More information will follow.
Registration instructions:

Registration to this tournament will be done from this page.

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Once you've logged in, make sure that all players of your team are added to NJCT player database. Before adding any players, please double check that the player doesn't already exist there to avoid duplicates.
Once all players are added to the player database, register the team with the link below.


Avaliable at
Scandic Hotel
Belægningen (hostel) are both App. 3,0 km from the rink, and the are located in Hvidovre
Steelhouse Copenhagen is located downtown Copenhagen, and there is a direct connection with train (about 12 min) to Hvidovre.

Each team will have to book accommodation directly to
Scandic Hvidovre: hvidovre@scandichotels.com tlf: +45 36 49 81 70.
All prices includes sheets, towels, breakfast and cleaning.
Belægningn Hostel in Hvidovre: (Showers and toilets in the rooms)

Single room: 475,- DKK pr.mnight.
Double room: 585,- DKK pr. night.
Triple room: 645,- DKK pr. night.
Quadruple room: 765,- DKK pr. night.
All prices includes sheets, towels, and cleaning. There is NO breakfast here.

Each team will have to book accommodation directly to Belægningen: info@belaegningen.dk tlf: +45 36 77 90 84. www. belaegningen.dk

Steelhouse Copenhagen:

The last one is located downtown Copenhagen, about 25 min from the arena. This one is next to the Vesterport station downtown and then there is a short walk from the station in Hvidovre to the rink.

You can find your way around Copenhagen on this homepage www.rejseplanen.dk

If there's any questions: don't hesitate to contact the organizing commity on lars@curling.dk.

Tournament registration

  • Registartion is closed
  • Registration deadline: Sun 10 Nov 2019