Bill Ross Trophy 2016-2017

Teams are divided into two groups of five team each. Both groups play a single round robin. After the round robin, two best teams from each group will advance to semi-finals.

If two teams are tied after the round robin, the bilateral games between these two teams will define the ranking. If three or more teams are tied, then the ranking is first determined by the bilateral games of the tied teams. If a ranking can't be defined using the bilateral games, then ranking is determined with draw shots.

Ties are possible in round robin. All games are 8 ends. During play-offs, one extra end is needed. If the extra end is blank, then the team without hammer in the extra end will win.

Group A
A1 - Panthera43016
A2 - Stabekk Curling Klubb43016
A5 - Team Thunman42024
A3 - Team Moberg42024
A4 - Team Lander40040
Group B
B3 - Team Englesson44008
B5 - Lag Fransson 43016
B2 - Team Mesloe42024
B4 - Team Halse41032
B1 - Forfar Young Curlers(Girls)40040


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