Eckerö Linjen Junior Masters, Junior men 2016-2017

Teams will first play single round robin (5 games). A bell will ring at 1h 30 minutes. When the bell rings, the end that is currently in progress will be finished and one more end will be played. End is considered to be finished when all stones have come to rest and teams have agreed the score.

Ties are possible in round robin. Teams will toss a coin before the game. The winner of the coin toss may select hammer to first end or stones. Teams must be ready to start the game at scheduled time i.e. the coin toss must be completed before the schedule start time.

After the round robin, teams ranked 1st and 2nd will play a final and teams ranked 3rd and 4th will play for bronze. Final and bronze games will be played as 8 ends without time and one extra end is played if needed. If the extra end is blank, the team wihtout hammer in the extra end will be the winner.

If two teams are tied after the round robin, their bilateral game will decide the ranking.

If more than two teams are tied after the round robin, ranking is determined by draw-shots so that 4 players will play a draw and the three best shots are taken into account.

Round robin
D - Eugen Innovation550010
A - Team Granit54018
C - Team Mattsson53026
F - Trondheim Curling Klubb52034
B - Team Åland 51042
E - Team Virtaala50050